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I am the last to blush

“But it requires a particular alertness, if not devotion to these phenomena, to appreciate the wide-spread, but late and unexpected glory of the Scarlet Oaks. I do not speak here of the small trees and shrubs, which are commonly observed, and which are now withered, but of the large trees. Most go in and shut their doors, thinking that bleak and colorless November has already come, when some of the most brilliant and memorable colors are not yet lit.

This very perfect and vigorous one, about forty feet high, standing in an open pasture, which was quite glossy green on the twelfth, is now, the twenty-sixth, completely changed to bright dark scarlet,— every leaf, between you and the sun, as if it had been dipped into a scarlet dye. The whole tree is much like a heart in form, as well as color. Was not this worth waiting for? Little did you think, ten days ago, that that cold green tree would assume such color as this. Its leaves are still firmly attached, while those of other trees are falling around it. It seems to say, —” I am the last to blush, but I blush deeper than any of ye. I bring up the rear in my red coat. We Scarlet ones, alone of Oaks, have not given up the fight.”






O nome da coisa

“The change in Mr. Andrews amazed everyone who knew him. It could not be just the divorce, his sister Julia said, nor dear Polly’s good heart and youthful spirits. Something else must have happened to Henry. It was Polly’s mother who provided the information, during a visit she made to New York, where she stayed with her ex-sister-in-law on Park Avenue. “They changed the name of his illness, did you know that, Polly? They don’t call it melancholia any more. They call it manic-depressive psychosis. When Henry heard that, he felt as if he’d been cheated all these years. He’d only had the ‘depressed’ phase, you see. He cheered up extraordinarily and began to make all these projects.”







Uma forma particular de conhecimento


Roberto Calasso, numa revista que estava ali no café.


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No Outono, a natureza revela-nos tudo aquilo que o Verão lhe deu, folhas vermelhas, romãs, diospiros, medronhos, uvas, castanhas e maçãs douradas.



Com sol.

L’important c’est la rose

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Porque avisa dos perigos.

Coisas importantes

“We need to massively improve and invest in recycling infrastructure, but also significantly reduce what we produce and use.”

É importante porque é retrato de todo um modo de vida associado ao “usa e deita fora”, ao descartável,  ao substituível, ao efémero que, em última análise, empobrece os nossos dias.